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Extra virgin olive oil morrut, sevillenca and farga

Extra virgin olive oil of Catalan origin, for palates seeking a balanced and exclusive taste. This olive oil is produced from the fruit of the ancient olive trees that grow only in the south of Mediterranean Catalonia (Baix Ebre) and a small part of Castelló.  A unique olive oil of limited production that many palates have yet to discover. Extra virgin olive oil made from the cold extraction of olives. From the lands of the Baix Ebre, this olive oil has a unique taste and can be enjoyed both in cooking and as a condiment. The organoleptic assessment carried out by the Official Tasting Panel of Catalan Virgin Olive Oils described Oli Llopart as a balanced, mild and fruity oil with an acidity of 0.14%. This olive oil is a blend of the Morrut olive, with its fruity flavor and notes of fresh leaves, the Sevillenca olive, with its aroma of ripe fruit with notes of nuts and ripe almonds. And the Farga olive, with its aroma of grass and banana peel.

oli d'oliva

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